Most of my work has been in dutch. Even most of the 'work' with the models during a photoshoot is of the verbal kind...
I did write down some lines in poor English, and ocasionaly dared to join some german - or even french - words together. I would not call it literature, or art or anything of the kind, but a reaching our to the other, to try and communicate...

This Happens in Belgium

Ladies Gentlemen
(Very Posh)
this is the Catholic Institute Universe
Ladies, Gentlemen the Institution
for the Research into the Boarders
of Pain and Joy

this happens in Belgium
it happens here
stop talking through the phone
don't speak up behave as normal
this is Belgium this my pain
destroy the information
leave your friends
burn the papers take your gun
this is Belgium
keep cool
hurry up it happens now
burn your papers burn the bridges
you're alone don't hope
you'll die in pain
it will be worse

enjoy your joy you'll
die of it

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